Rock Solid Management - Offering Property Preservation Services in Alaska

Preservation Services

Rock Solid Management provides a wide range of property preservation services for the Anchorage borough and ALL other Alaska boroughs including:
Debris Removal
In order to make the property more safe and presentable, Rock Solid Management provides a debris removal service for both the interior and exterior of the home.
Lawn Maintenance
Rock Solid Management property preservation services include mowing, trimming, and general care of the yard to contribute to the overall appearance of the home. Rock Solid Management provides lawn maintenance at regular intervals depending on how fast the lawn grows at different times in the season.

Lock Changes and Security
Rock Solid Management will secure the property by re-keying the doors of the house and garage. When a house is unoccupied, Rock Solid Management needs to take extra measures to ensure that no unwanted guests are making themselves at home.

Pest Control
Pests in a property can cause a lot of problems. Rock Solid Management offers complete pest ontrol service including spiders, fleas, mice/rats, roaches, bats, raccoons and more...

Snow Removal
During the winter months it is important to keep the snow cleared from the walks and driveways in order to make the property more presentable and safe. There are also many local code requirements, and Rock Solid Management makes sure that all these regulations are met.

Heating HVAC/Plumbing
Rock Solid Management offers a variety of Heating HVAC/Plumbing solutions to meet your needs. Whether you may need a heating unit replaced or a plumbing leek fixed, we can fix your issue.

Freeze Damage Repair
When a house freezes, if the water has not been drained from the water supply system or hot water or steam heating system or if the house has not been properly winterized, extensive damage can occur. Rock Solid Management offers freeze damage repair to houses throughout Alaska.

Property Rehab
Rock Solid Management offers complete property rehab services. Rehab work can include new roofs, installing or replacing heating and ventilation systems, upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, and corrections to health, safety and other code violations.

Cold temperatures can pose a serious threat to unattended properties. Frozen pipes can burst and cause damage to the house and the fixtures. APS will drain the water, expel the excess water in the pipes, and make other preparations for the cold season.

Preservation Services List

  • Debris Removal
  • Lock Changes
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Snow Removal
  • Heating HVAC/Plumbing
  • Freeze Damage Repair
  • Property Rehab
  • Winterization